I’ve lived in Oxford since 1978 and in St Barnabas catchment area for 36 of those 42 years. I’ve been attached to Worcester College since the late 1980s, and to St Barnabas’ Church since the mid-1990s, where I now serve as a Permanent Deacon. So I think I can count myself a local! By profession I’m a writer and teacher and I’ve had experience in tertiary, secondary and primary education. Right now I’m Professor Emeritus of the Hebrew Bible at the University of Oxford, a Senior Research Fellow at Worcester College, and Director of a University Network on the Psalms. I’ve just come onto the Board of Governors and am keen to make a difference, where possible, to the ‘wellbeing’ of the school – whether of staff, pupils, or parents. I’ve also started to offer Assembly talks online. I do hope we can meet up post-Covid.