At St. Barnabas, The School Council is an opportunity for our children to get involved in improving the school community as well as serving as a means of promoting the student voice. School Councillors are elected at the beginning of each year. Children decide if they would like to be on school council and nominate themselves in their year groups. They deliver a speech to the class as to why they would be a good choice for school council. The whole class votes and the two children with the most votes are chosen to represent the year group at the School Council meetings. They attend weekly meetings and speak on behalf of their entire year group to promote a better school environment. We see the school Council as a whole school introduction to the British value of Democracy.

Our School Council have been involved in many projects over the year. They have attended a course on becoming anti-bullying ambassadors for the school. They are also responsible for organising events such as Comic Relief and Children in Need. They were involved in interviewing for the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher as well as providing the student voice for Ofsted when they visit. During lock down they canvased children’s view on home learning.

Currently, the school council are working hard to promote gender equality within school, particularly in the playground.