What do we want our children to learn?

  • To have a knowledge of a range of musicians and performers
  • To perform in front of class, school and in public
  • Opportunity to learn arrange of Instrument with support for PP



How will they learn it?

  • Daily singing
  • Gamelan or similar workshop Y4
  • Ukulele Y5
  • Production Y6
  • Use of Garage Band opportunities for composition
  • Opportunity to learn a variety of instruments



How will we meet the needs of all pupils?


  • PP instrument lessons
  • Small group/1:1 eg Ukulele


  • Festival of voices Choir
  • Gamelan or similar workshop
  • External visits eg Dragon school strings day



What will be the effect of their learning?

Under Review




Further Information

Every year we have attended NAPE Oxon’s Festival of Voices at Dorchester Abbey in the summer, where the choir has performed with other schools.

The school holds between 4- 6 internal concerts, where the children have been able to showcase their own musical talents.

At Christmas pupils have sung in the Clarendon or Westgate Centre to raise money for OxPAT, organised by Cllr Susanna Pressel. Pupils have sung at  the local sheltered accommodation: Grantham House and later Furnace House. At Christmas the school have also recorded two carols for Radio Oxford.

When the school has undertaken large performances a parent has designed Singing St Barnabas T shirts. We have had 3 designs. In 2009 KS2 performed Oliver at Cherwell Secondary School. In 2010 the school led a concert with other local schools at the Sheldonian. In 2011 Year 5 and Year 6 performed Joseph at the North Wall.

The school has a choir and they have performed at various events including Voices for a Better World at the O2 in 2010. Concerts at the St Barnabas’ Church, New Theatre, Royal Albert Hall as part of Music for Youth Proms have been other events supported by the choir.