We are proud at St Barnabas of our excellent links with parents and the wider community. Most problems are resolved promptly and successfully through discussions with staff. However, if you wish to make a complaint the Governors have adopted the following procedure to deal with formal complaints from members of the school community or general public about appropriate matters relevant to the running of the school. The formal complaints procedure is to be used only when informal attempts to resolve problems have been unsuccessful.




Stage 1


Stage 2


Formal Complaints – Stage 1 & 2

The complaints form can be used by any person making a complaint about the operation of the school which has not been resolved through the informal complaints process. The school will consider legitimate complaints from parents or carers, pupils/students or members of the public, e.g. school neighbours.

Anyone using this form can seek advice from the school before completing it. A member of school staff who is familiar with the process will be nominated to give help. If it is appropriate for a member of staff to look into this complaint, the form should be returned to the Headteacher. If it is appropriate that it should be dealt with by a Governor, it should be returned to the Clerk to the Governors of the school.

County Council Complaints

General complaints about the County Council’s services should be directed to the Director of the Children, Young People & Families Directorate, Macclesfield House, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1NA.