At St Barnabas’, children are taught high-quality practical knowledge in Design and Technology to engage, inspire and challenge them. As such, we use the Cornerstones curriculum which provides a comprehensive, structured and progressive approach to teaching Design and Technology. 

In order to suit all children’s talents and interests, and to prepare them effectively for continued learning at secondary school and beyond, our curriculum is varied thoughtfully between structures, mechanisms, cooking and nutrition, and textiles. In all of these topics, children have the opportunity to design, make and evaluate their outcomes. 

As part of this, children are first supported to investigate the features of whatever they will be making. They are then supported to make ambitious yet realistic design choices, before learning the skills they need to succeed and feel proud of their product. Following this, children then reflect honestly upon how successful the cycle was for them this time and why, in order to promote further success and therefore pride during their next design, make and evaluate cycle. 

There are also careful links made between DT and other curriculum areas to maximise children’s enthusiasm and therefore their learning opportunities. Through our rigorous curriculum, we strive to equip all children with the skills they need for their personal, academic and professional success. We also celebrate annual events as a springboard to raise the profile of and discussions around Design and Technology, such as ‘The Great St Barnabas Egg Race’.

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Design and Technology Cornerstones Curriculum Overview