At St Barnabas’ children are taught high-quality art and design skills to engage, inspire and challenge them. It enriches children’s learning and enables them to communicate their thoughts, ideas and observations in a practical and expressive way. It allows pupils to solve problems, think creatively and critically. In talking about art and evaluating their own and others’ work, children are encouraged to develop their visual language and emotional awareness. Through experiencing a variety of materials, tools and techniques children have the opportunity to creatively record the
world around them and their connections to it.

We use the Cornerstones curriculum which provides a comprehensive, structured and progressive approach to teaching Art and Design. Teachers create opportunities for directed and exploratory sensory experiences and
children are taught how to use art and design tools, explore and manipulate materials and develop their skills in a variety of processes. This enables children to express their ideas more fully through colour, line, shape, space, form, pattern and texture. Through a consistent experience of Art and Design children will be able to understand what artists, designers and craft workers do, and to develop their own confidence in using a wide range of media and techniques.

Click here for Cornerstones Art and Design Curriculum Overview


One of our pupils won the Year 5 and Year 6 category in the Young Oxford Art competition.